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Why 1-STOP?


     We’re 1-Stop Graphics & Distribution, L.L.C., our office is centrally located in Houston, Texas. Don’t let our company name mislead you. We are not a 1-Stop. We are Classic Distributors that provide 1-Stop services through brick and mortar stores and digital downloads.


     We’ve designed our company to provide each customer with personal turnkey operation service, in the music, entertainment and corporate business industry. 1 Stop, 1 Solution! We maintain a premium catalog of exclusive titles including DVDs and Compact Discs from independent labels, popular DJ’s and artists.


     Here at 1 Stop, we distribute well over 400+ titles (all genres) from the hottest artist from the Southern region, and artists from the West and Mid-West markets. We provide our clients with retailing, manufacturing, printing, marketing assistance, promotions, and positioning. Some of our clients have included: Suckafree Records, Rue Davis, Mark Hyatt, Pimp C, DSR, DK No Deal, OG RON C, 1 DA BOY, Black Grove 401 Records, Choppa Law, Leroy Allen, Vickie Baker just to name a few.


     We are our clients’ single source for audio and visual duplication, creative and innovative graphic design, printing, web development, exquisite photography, creative writing plus all related packaging and fulfillment requirements.  Our inclusive services are intelligently integrated for the ultimate benefit to each customer and custom tailored to the specific requirements of each project, budget and the important deadlines. All accompanied by friendly service.


     Every day, we are exploring additional opportunities to offer our clients more outlets to market and sale their product nationally and internationally while building a long term relationship between our company, our clientele and new companies such as yours.


     We would be happy to provide you with any additional information needed in order to make this prospective venture a huge success.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 713-807-STOP (7867).


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